Friday, November 12, 2010

The new LS agents meeting with Mrs Rokiah Daroo

Assalamualaikum wbt and a very pleasant greetings to all.. Hope you are in the pink of health.
Having concurse selected as our venue, we started the meeting at 8.30pm with the arrival of our dearest Mrs Rokiah and three L'symphnians seni0rs - FAIZ, KAK SYAFIQAH AND KAK CIK. The very first agenda was the sharing of experiences of the L'symphnians who went to Tambun. They say that the trip really make them realize that they really should be part of this club. Experience is the best teacher. All of us hope that our next trip f0r humanitarian pr0ject will leave the same p0sitive effects in our souls.

The happiness of the bona fide's hearts ~

We discussed about our next project! (^^) According to mrs Rokiah, we receive an invitation to give motivational talk to UPSR candidates and mentor-mentee programme somewhere in Tanjung Karang. The project will be conducted on the month of JANUARY!
(O.0) So, what the Year 1 L'Symphonianz have to do? Just wrote a brief bi0data consisting of YOUR NAME AND SPM RESULTS!! Then, submit this to Faiq~ Our dearest president ASAP! (^^)
There are also another two interesting project offered to our club which are :
1. Tuition for the orphans in Sg Manggis (hope our useful brains works for them) :)
2. New facilities establishment - we need to lend a hand in this. (^^)
After that, Faiz (The dedicated ex-president of L'symphony)take over. A not-very-brief (^^) - no offence, discussion regarding the things we can conduct to raise fund of the upcoming humanitarian projects and Q and A session with the seniors present regarding LS. Applause for their commitment. Faiz told us that he also have predicaments on how to keep the ball rolling but with teamwork and dedication, satisfying result can be achieved.When the previous LS face hard up (short of money), they :
*Sell nasi goreng Mrs Rokiah ( pretty welcoming food fr KMBians. )
*Yong taw foo ( the really really "HOT" stuff)
*Selling of ch0colates and soap that can prevent sleepy feelings.etc.

btw, have fun spending holiday with the mountain of educational reading materials! (^^) wslm~

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Thrid visit..:)

Assalamualaikum and greetings to everyone! As what we have planned before, we the Symphonianz will have our third visit to Tambun on this coming Deepavali holiday, and sadly that this is our last visit to Tambun in our programme (IB) but we strongly believed that this will not be our last visit, as this is continuous project that still on, even though we've pursue our study to oversea. The aim of this visit is to spend and celebrate our beloved brothers and sisters (the orphan kids) there and take them to the place of interest around Ipoh,Perak. This visit will about 4 days, starting form Thursday (4th Nov) to Sunday (7th Nov) and the suggested place of interest to be visited in this tri,together with the kids is Lost World of Tambun, Taman Dr, etc. Hopefully that the plan will be going smoothly and blessed by God...^^

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

New Org. Chart For L'Symphonianz '10/'12

This is the new organizational chart that will lead Love Symphony for the next season, Season 3.


Mr. Mohd Faiq Bin Hassin
M10R / B204

Vice President:
Mrs. Farah Syazwani Bt Mat Noh
M10H / F112

Secretary I:
Mrs. Nurul Iman Bt Mohd Nor
M10* / F114

Secretary II:
Mr. Wan Ahmad Afiq Bin Zaulkafli
M10H / A203

Mrs. Amir Faisal Bin Mohmad Sallihhudin
M10H / A207

Vice Treasurer:
Mrs. Nadia Bt Ali
M10H / E226

Head of Logistic Bureau:
Mr. Mohd Arif Bin Abd Rahim
M10E / A230
Head of Planning Unit:
Mr. Mohamad Hafiz Tarmizi Bin Musa
M10T / B123

Head of Economic & Sponsorship Planning:
Mr. Abdul Amar Bin Abdul Malik
M10R / B202
Head of Multimedia Unit:
Mrs. Farah Nadia Bt Zikhtar
M10R / D***

The process of choosing the new organisation to lead the new session of Love Symphony, was run at 9.47 p.m on 28th of September 2010. The event was lead by previous President, Muhammad Faiz bin Abd Kadir @ Kahdi, and the election was made with democracy basis. However, not all of the members were here since most of members were having Raya Celebration at Block A.

Thursday, July 1, 2010


Assalamu'alaikum w.b.t to all symphonianz...
There's a latest news regarding our club. We'll have our CAS celebration (appreciation to all symphonianz on our efforts throughout the establishment of our club^^), our advisor, Pn. Rokiah Daroo has arranged a trip to Korea. InsyaAllah, we'll go to Jeju Island for our home-stay and visit some other places in Korea. Who would like to join the trip (hoping that all symphonianz can join^^), we've to pay around RM3300 per person (including flight) and we'll stay for 8 days. Any conformation can be done after this and any question regarding the trip can refer to Aznida (Vice President) or to Faiz Kadir (President).
*Regarding the cost, we can do something to raise funds for our club and further suggestions can be discuss in next meeting after this.
Thank you.. ^^

~Financial Committee~

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

L'Symphonianz F1 Corporate Shirt-Ready-to-be-wear!

Assalamualaikum to all symphonianz..there is a few reminders for you we have already booked a corporate shirt that we had specially designed for ourselves, it is announced here that, the shirts are ready to be 'upload' soon, in (19th June,perhaps) and before you are allowed to take your own shirt with your own sizes and names, you had to pay RM 70 for boys and RM 78 for girls, right after the semester break is over, and we are begging you, to settle down your payment as soon as possible, to prevent further financial problem to our committee.That's all! ^^

From me,with love,

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Meeting on 4th May 2010


A meeting was conducted to discussed for our next big agenda which is the Charity Dinner. The person in charge for the Charity Dinner is Muhammad Khaidir Bin Mohd Shafiee. He had assigned a few bureau to make the event move swiftly as planned. The bureaus are Food Bureau in charge by Fiza Asiqin, Protocol and Multimedia Bureau in charge by Muhammad Firdaus, Planning Bureau in charge by Shukriyah Razak, Finance Bureau in charge by Mohd. Najid, Logistic Bureau in charge by Mohd. Hafeez, Promotion Bureau in charge by Shukriyah and Fiza Asiqin and last but definitely not least Secretary in charge by Nur Najihah. Lots of things had been discussed to ensure the flow of our event will go smoothly. One of the things that were discussed during the meeting was VIP guess that we would like to invite, the catering, the theme for that night, the performances and so on. We are putting our best foot forward to make this Charity Dinner a success. Everybody give their best effort in giving ideas and planning for this big event.

In the meantime, the other members of Love Symphony are having another meeting for our next visit and our second big event which is Paintball Tournament. The person in charge for the Paintball Tournament is Muhamad Arif Bin Ahmad Fuad. Our main target for the Paintball Tournament are private school students and boarding school students. It is still in progress as the tournament will be held in June. For our next visit, we are planning to do it during our sem break. Our main objective is painting. We're planning to help the residents at Darussalam to paint their home. Making it more attractive and homey.

We'll be posting our next progress of our activities. Thanks for reading and stay tuned..^^


Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Meeting in Apr 27, 2010.

Tonight, a meeting was conducted (is conducted) and the president was organizing this meeting in order to discuss about how about the L'Symphonianz progress, and about the main activity that were conducted now, that is Fund Raising Activity. A few plan have been discussed and before this, we had raised our fund by opening a Yong tau Foo stall and supervised by our member. A few post mortem session, conducted to trace the profit and progress of the selling, and the profit is worthdid..somehow. A plan of third visit to Rumah Anak-Anak yatim Darus Salam Tambun, were discussed and the aim of this third visit is to paint the building of this orphanage house and it will be conducted, in God's will, this coming mid-semester break.

Then, an agenda of the Charity Dinner that will be held on July 7, 2010 at KMB is planned and a communty and head of bureau were appointed to organize the Dinner and the project manager for this Dinner is Muhammad Khaidir Bin Mohd Shafiee. The previous meeting were discussed about the painball carnival and the progress is monitored by the president of L'Symphonianz.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Pictures on second visit to Tambun, Perak

Here are some of the pictures taken during our second visit there.. ^^,

First activity with the kids there

The rugby players from MCB teaching the kids how to play rugby


Redecorating their class

Activities with the kids

BBQ night..

These are the only pictures that we manage to upload due to some technical problems. Hope you enjoy seeing it and feel the joy from it too. We'll be updating our recent progress for our next visit any time soon. Stay tuned.. ^^

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Second Visit to Rumah Anak Yatim Darul Salam, Tambun, Perak

Friday March 26, 2010

            We all moved by college bus along with the rugby players heading towards Tambun, and arrived at about 6.30 p.m. Upon arrival, we performed the solah together in simple congregation to strengthen the bond with the current little residents. Then, at around 9.30 pm we started the brief ta’aruf or  with the rugby players themselves in order for the kids to get to know all of them better. Most of us, Love Symphonians are actually recognized and known by the kids since our first visit. Then, we also managed to conduct a simple ‘Musical Chair’ game for the kids to enjoy before their sleep. The winner are rewarded  for his/her participation and patience throughout the game, which is played quite fairly.

Saturday March 27, 2010

            The day starts early with Subuh prayers, before dawn. The kids are usually early birds, typically energetic for a new day with us and couldn’t wait to enjoy the fun. So, we gathered the kids around 7.00 am for a morning jog and a few slots of warming-ups and physical exercises. They really enjoyed the fun, loosening the muscles and joints in their bodies. The one enjoying it the most are probably the younger ones, smiling widely with satisfaction beyond that hopeful look on their faces. The rugby players and their coach also conducted a short rugby clinic until 10.00 am with the kids at the nearby field. They thoroughly enjoyed the sports, giggling innocently as they tried their best to pass and catch the rugby balls flung between them in a manner of pure sportsmanship inculcated in them. Some of the Love Symphonians decided to revamp and re-establish the worn-down site used to be a nursery for the vegetative and other shrubs. We had a vision to clean, beautify and make a total makeover on the garden patch, with coal black, damp soil. We cleared the area from unwanted weeds, pests such a s the millipede, a few little rodents that inhabit the ground and cultivate the soil occasionally to allow good air transfer within the soil. It was sweltering but worth every drop of sweat, as we get rid of the excess grass, and reconstruct the garden patch with a barrier gate using sticks and raffia rope and we made a really nice archway on the entrance. We eliminate the excess weeds collected through controlled combustion, while maintaining the equilibrium of nature of that area. We were really proud with ourselves once the patch was finished for the burying of the seed ceremony the next day. About 75% of our plan is somehow finished and we shall continue it tomorrow as agreed.
            Then, we organized a slot for the children to spread around their joy and happiness through implementation of arts and craft. The slot was aptly named, too as ‘Let the Drawing Talks’ The children are very cooperative and enjoyed the activity so much, as we helped around to pass the colours, pastels, crayons, plasticines, etc. it was so memorable when some of the little girls wrote that ‘To my sisters and brothers, thank you very much and may Allah bless Mara College Banting and all of us.” It was indeed very heart-warming when one of the boys wrote in Arabic ‘haza Bayyiti wa ana uhibbu’ which literally meant ‘this is my home, and I love it here.’ Then, some of them produced fantastic displays of childish masterpieces in different assortments of colours, shapes and geometry. I really love that they let loose and get in touch with their artistic side through and through. They visualized their own dreams and desires when they grew up, like owning a business, be successful leaders, and even inspire other orphans as a devoted teacher.

            We also bought a few bookcases for them and brought along a few piles of educational books for them to be knowledgeable and increase self-awareness among themselves. By reading more, they can become more assertive and informative to prepare them for future ordeals, either bad or not. The mini library will be stationed within their classes for them to take a book and read, thus challenging their mental alertness of current issues. Another group of the Love Symphonians had been given the task to clean, arrange and decorate the children’s classes until perfection, in order for them to be in a conducive class for them to receive further education as preparation for their own future. Then, at about 11.00 am, we started the academic race which is aiming for the academic development of the children. They are divided into two groups of boys and two groups of girls. They need to solve quizzes, do role-play games, puzzles and at the same time running for the first prize. They can be a bit competitive and vying for the best in them, and some of the younger ones did cry a little due to extra heat while chasing for checkpoints. They performed to the par and I’m terribly impressed by their skills as leaders, followers and they practice proper communication between themselves. At some point, they did bicker over littlest things but that made them more stronger in bonds. They were very innocent, sometimes blaming each other hysterically if one of the tasks are done poorly but after that, they quickly forgive and forget. The race was really successful and they become aware of their own mental capabilities to become a better person, body, mind and soul. Then, a few of them who are taking major examinations are required to practice using ICT and Internet as a medium for them to study and learn more for the exams soon. We bought a few sets of educational softwares for them to fully utilize them as study kits via Internet, as the questions are answerable through the portal for every subject in challenging questions. They are becoming acceptive towards the usage of technology, as we funded for their own local router so they can browse the Web for the usage of the educational softwares called Score A program easily without much fuss.

            Meanwhile, the others are gathered to practice and perform rehearsals for the Cultural Night. They have to perform their best as they will be given awards for their skills as actors or actresses. One or two are too shy, and even cried for not wanting the role given by us but some excelled wondrously. The plot is about Si Tenggang, the ungrateful son who disowned his mother after he became a successful businessman at the seas and finally, being cursed by his mother to be a stone statue for his ignorance. I have to say that I’m really astounded by their performances, even though it’s just a rehearsal but I’m proud of all of them. One of the younger girls volunteered herself to become a chubby tree, and made the costume all by herself which is really respectable. Then, their acting was highly commendable as they shed their own humiliation and shyness to become confident actors. They are being very cooperative and give all out as fullest support for the play. Then, some of the boys are taken by bus to a residential school nearby to watch a friendly rugby match between our college’s team and another college’s rugby team. In the end of the day, we practically won effortlessly and the children jumped and screamed with joy as support for our college’s team. They claimed that it was a really entertaining game to watch and very unforgettable.

            At night, we prepared BBQ for the children and their caretakers and apparently, all of us. We made spicy marinated BBQ chickens, fried rice, mashed potato, hot dogs, burgers and orange juice. it was a splendid night after the children had already attempt to present a very hilarious yet meaningful play of Si Tenggang. We all enjoyed the food, share stories and laughed out loud together as we sat near the campfire closely. The night became lively as we sing and dance together just for fun of it, and release the tension for some. The sketch was magnificent as the spectators was really entertained by their ludicrous antics and catchy lines but all and all, it was really worthwhile to train them to act on the afternoon. They really put up to the standard and everyone enjoyed so much with full tummy.

Sunday, 28 March 2010

            By 7.00 a.m we started the morning routine of exercise and jogging while the rest of the crew cleaned the class, and some further decorated the garden with white marble pieces as walkway into the garden. We worked really hard in order for the classroom, hostel and the surrounding are to be pristine clear and beautiful inside and out. The children are very optimistic and praised us highly for our effort and we replied that these are all genuinely done as an act of compassion, our sweats and tears are solely for their own benefits and to encourage them to be the best that they can be. We didn’t even ask for anything as long as they made ourselves proud and our efforts are worthwhile when they proved themselves changed and committed for their own success in future. Then, we played Jeju Island 2 as a way to inculcate awareness, time management, soft skills, teamwork, sensibility and so much more. They were fast learners and they can cope with the tasks given as efficient as they possibly can.

            Then, they are introduced with a slot to dedicate them with the wonders of science and discovery through ‘Magical World of Science’ where the facilitators are acting as mad scientists to perform tricks like volcano eruption using sodium bicarbonate, the floating egg, and so much more dazzling experiments that the children was in absolute awe. They were really enticed and excited with the feat shown by the facilitators, giving a full round of applause, and thus triggering them to be inquisitors and asking for explanation. This is a successful slot as some of the children themselves have the knowledge to explain the process and experiments really well, even without guidance as their sense of observation was really honed up. Then, they were allowed to watch all the compilation of pictures taken throughout the stay and videos through the projector system, and we shared happy and sad memories together. They laughed at the funny moments, and wept a lot when we had to go back to the college, since that they really appreciate our presence there and they confessed that our presence really made an impact towards their life and they promise to set goals for them to achieve and improve themselves along ten way. It was a really momentous, and sentimental goodbye for all of us, particularly the children who grew so fond of us and been treating us like their own brothers and sisters. All I can conclude is that ten second visit was a really successful one as we left a lot more than just inspiration, but physically we left them with educational tools and so much more as aid for them to become better people.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Renovation V 3.0

Assalamualaikum and hi! to all the readers, I would like to address this particular issue and hereby informing to all the blog visitors, that this blog is going a process of renovating, where we are now currently on our way to translate all the materials and references included inside this blog, into Malay and English Language, in order to make this site more user-friendly and make the process of approaching the audience even more easier. The process were scheduled to finish in a week and we are sorry for this inconvenience appears as result of language (Malay only) that used before, and made it hard for the non-Malaysian readers (International Baccalaureate Organization-IBO) to understand what are we trying to tell the audiences. By the way, we were appreciating your visit to this blog!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Next Visit to Maahad Darusslam...Lawatan Kedua akan datang...

After having a successful efforts in implementing the programs and activities as planned in the first visit to the orphanage Darussalam a month ago, all the Love Symphonians have arranged for a second visit as a "follow up" to our first visit. Insya-Allah, around the corner; March 26, 2010 - 28 March 2010. In this second visit, rugby club of MARA College Banting will join the visit of the Love Symphony to the orphanage house Maahad Darussalam. They will help to expose the orphans to the various of sports especially rugby and will bring the orphans to watch the live friendly match between players of MCB and the players of KPM Seri Iskandar at the STAR’s field, Ipoh.

Apart from that, the planning units of Love Symphony has been designing some new activities to meet the objectives of the visit; 1) Increase awareness of the academic and 2) apply the program of E-Learning (Score A) for the orphans there. The execution of the activities planned for this visit will be assisted by the rugby club.

Apart of the plans are “Get to Know” between orphans there with rugby club members, “Drawing Session” (to identify their imagination), “Explorace” (based on the implementation of academic awareness), E-Learning (Score A), and “Barbeque” (to strengthen the relationship with the orphans of Maahad Darussalam) and “Performance Night” (to entertain the orphans).

Due to the objectives set for this visit, most of organized activities or programs are planned based on academic awareness in order to open their eyes (the orphans) about the importance of knowledge and excitement of learning. The implementation of these activities are quite different from the first visit’s where the main focus was to build a better relationship between us and the orphans there. Therefore, the orphans will gain more confident, high self-esteem and will have more awareness on the importance of current knowledge.

We are hoping that this visit will be done successfully as planned. Thank you to all parties who have been involved directly or indirectly ways in managing this visit. To all love Symphonians, it is hoped that we can mobilize together in our efforts to achieve the objectives that we set for this project. insyaAllah.. insyaAllah ..

Setelah berjaya dalam usaha melaksanakan program-program serta aktiviti-aktiviti sebagaimana yang telah dirancang dalam lawatan pertama ke Rumah Anak Yatim Darussalam yang lalu, kami ahli Love Symphony telah mengatur untuk lawatan kedua sebagai "follow up" kepada lawatan pertama kami. InsyaAllah dalam waktu terdekat; 26 Mac 2010 - 28 Mac 2010. Dalam lawatan kedua kali ini, kelab ragbi Kolej MARA Banting akan menyertai Love Symphony ke Rumah Anak Yatim Darussalam. Mereka akan membantu mendedahkan aktiviti sukan kepada anak-anak yatim di sana dan akan membawa anak-anak yatim untuk menonton secara langsung perlawanan persahabatan bersama pemain ragbi KPM Seri Iskandar di padang STAR, Ipoh.

Di samping itu, unit perancangan Love Symphony telah merangka beberapa aktiviti baru bagi menepati objektif lawatan;
1) Meningkatkan kesedaran akademik untuk anak-anak yatim dan 2) Mengaplikasi program E-Learning (SKOR A) untuk anak-anak yatim. Aktiviti yang dirancang ini akan dibantu oleh ahli kelab ragbi dari segi pelaksanaan.

Antara aktiviti yang termaktub dalam perancangan ialah suaikenal antara anak-anak yatim di sana bersama ahli kelab ragbi, lukisan anak-anak yatim (mengenalpasti imaginasi mereka), explorace (berunsurkan penerapan kesedaran akademik), E-Learning Skor A, serta barbeque (merapatkan hubungan bersama warga Maahad Darussalam) serta malam persembahan (menghiburkan anak-anak yatim).

Sebagaimana objektif yang ditetapkan untuk lawatan kali ini, kebanyakkan aktiviti atau program yang diatur lebih berunsurkan kesedaran akademik supaya anak-anak yatim di sana dapat membuka mata mengenai kesenorokan belajar dan kepentingan ilmu. Pelaksanaan aktiviti kali ini agak berbeza dengan lawatan pertama yang lebih kepada membina hubungan erat antara anak-anak yatim di sana. Oleh itu, anak-anak yatim tersebut akan lebih yakin pada diri sendiri dan akan punya lebih kesedaran terhadap kepentingan ilmu pengetahuan masa kini.

Diharapkan agar lawatan kali ini akan dapat dilaksanakan dengan lebih baik dan berkesan. Terima kasih kepada semua pihak yang telah terlibat secara langsung ataupun tidak langsung dalam mengusahakan lawatan kali ini. Kepada ahli keluarga Love Symphony, diharapkan agar kita dapat menggembleng tenaga bersama-sama dalam usaha kita mencapai objektif yang ditetapkan dalam projek kita ini. insyaAllah..

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Financial Status of love Symphony Inc>> Status Kewangan Love Symphony>>

In the latest meeting, we have been discussing about collected funds and donations that have been raised from certain of identified sources. Antara sumber-sumber dana yang diperoleh adalah berupa sumbangan individu, sumbangan syarikat korporat serta hasil jualan beberapa produk; sabun tahan mengantuk, coklat dan kerepek ringan.The sources of the fund raised are the from the individual donations, corporate donations and Love Symphony’s sales revenue of multiple products; soap to hold drowsiness, chocolate and chips. Setelah dihitung, jumlah bersih yang terkumpul pada 23/03/2010 adalah RM3088.00. Once calculated, the latest net amount outstanding on 23.03.2010 was RM3088.00.

Sejumlah besar daripada dana terkumpul ini akan digunakan untuk pembayaran E-Learning (SKOR A) bagi anak-anak yatim Darussalam di mana ianya merupakan fokus utama dalam objektif Love Symphony Inc. A large number of accumulated funds will be used for payment of E-Learning (Score A) for the orphans in Maahad Darussalam where it is the main focus of the objective of Love Symphony Inc.Selebihnya akan dibelanjakan ke arah menambah baikkan kondisi pembelajaran di Rumah Anak Yatim Maahad Darussalam itu sendiri seperti; mini library di asrama lelaki dan perempuan. The rest will be spent to improve the learning conditions and places in the orphanage itself as mini library in the male’s and female’s hostels.

Walaubagaimanapun, pihak sponsor kami masih mengusahakan pengumpulan dana daripada penaja-penaja tertentu.However, the sponsor’s unit are still working on the fund raising from certain parties. Manakala, bahagian logistik kami masih menjalankan jualan produk kami bagi menambah dana semasa. Meanwhile, the logistics unit are still progressing on our products’ sales to help increasing the fund raising.

Selamat berjaya kepada ahli keluarga Love Symphony dalam usaha membantu anak-anak yatim ini dan semoga dipermudahkan Allah dalam urusan kita selepas ini. Good luck for all Love Symphonians in our efforts to help the orphans and may God simplified our efforts in after this.

Pada mesyuarat yang lepas, kami telah mengumpulkan dana-dana dan sumbangan yang telah diperoleh daripada pihak-pihak tertentu untuk dikenalpasti jumlah terkumpul. Antara sumber-sumber dana yang diperoleh adalah berupa sumbangan individu, sumbangan syarikat korporat serta hasil jualan beberapa produk; sabun tahan mengantuk, coklat dan kerepek ringan. Setelah dihitung, jumlah bersih yang terkumpul pada 23/03/2010 adalah RM3088.00.

Sejumlah besar daripada dana terkumpul ini akan digunakan untuk pembayaran E-Learning (SKOR A) bagi anak-anak yatim Darussalam di mana ianya merupakan fokus utama dalam objektif Love Symphony Inc. Selebihnya akan dibelanjakan ke arah menambah baikkan kondisi pembelajaran di Rumah Anak Yatim Maahad Darussalam itu sendiri seperti; mini library di asrama lelaki dan perempuan.

Walaubagaimanapun, pihak sponsor kami masih mengusahakan pengumpulan dana daripada penaja-penaja tertentu. Manakala, bahagian logistik kami masih menjalankan jualan produk kami bagi menambah dana semasa.

Selamat berjaya kepada ahli keluarga Love Symphony dalam usaha membantu anak-anak yatim ini dan semoga dipermudahkan Allah dalam urusan kita selepas ini.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Laporan Kewangan V 1.0

Pada mesyuarat yang lalu, jemaah mesyuarat Love Symphony telah meluluskan satu resolousi keatas draf kewangan Love Symphony Inc, dan antara draf yang terkandung didalam resolusi ini ialah, beberapa pergerakan wang dijangka akan berlaku, terutamanya kemasukan pelaburan dari luar yang dijangka akan selesai 21 Mac ini. Antara pergerakan aliran wang yang telah dirancang ialah melalui derma dari pelbagai sumber ekonomi, seperti surau-surau tempatan, masjid-masjid dan individu perseorangan. Setiap ahli lembaga pengarah Love Symphony Inc telah diarahkan oleh Ketua Pegawai Eksekutif (CEO) Love Symphony Inc, Muhammad Faiz Kadir dan Pengarah Bahagian Penajaan, Muhammad Asif Fahmy bagi menggerakkan kudrat mengutip derma dengan berbekalkan surat pengesahan dari Kolej MARA Banting. Selain itu, Bahagiaan Penajaan Love Symhony kini turut bergerak mencari tajaan dari syarikat korporat, seperti yang sedang dijalankan oleh beberapa wakil Love Symphony, seperti Shukriah Razak di CCM Pharmaceutical. Selamat berjaya diucapkan kepada semua ahli Love Symphony Inc dan semoga dipermudahkan Allah dalam menjalankan urusan anda.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Lawatan Pertama Ke Rumah Anak-Anak Yatim Darussalam Tambun

Buat kali pertamanya, kesemua keluarga Love Symphony berpeluang bersua muka bersama anak-anak yatim di Darussalam, Tambun, Perak setelah Berjaya mengatasi kekangan masa yang tidak mengizinkan di kolej. Perjalanan yang memakan masa hampir 5-6 jam lebih (berikutan lalu lintas yang sesak semasa cuti tahun Baru Cina), akhirnya kami tiba di rumah anak-anak yatim Darussalam pada jam 10 malam.

Tujuan utama lawatan pertama kali ini adalah untuk pelancaran program SKOR A untuk anak-anak yatim yang dilihat berpotensi. Namun, pelancaran SKOR A bukanlah merupakan aktiviti tunggal semata-mata, di mana kami telah berjaya melaksanakan beberapa aktivi sampingan lain – ta’aruf, explorace, nightwalk, senamrobik, radio rosak dan beberapa aktiviti lagi – yang ternyata telah menarik minat anak-anak yatim di sana. Aktiviti sampingan yang dijalankan bukanlah hanya untuk tujuan keseronokan, malahan merupakan salah satu alat untuk menarik minat anak-anak yatim di sana ke arah pembelajaran akademik. Kemudian, barulah pengenalan SKOR A dilancarkan. Sementara itu, keluarga Love Symphony telah dibahagikan secara berpasangan untuk mengambil anak-anak yatim di sana sebagai adik-adik angkat supaya kami dapat lebih mengenali mereka. Lawatan yang berlangsung selama 3 hari di sana telah berjaya membina hubungan yang erat antara keluarga Love Symphony dan warga rumah anak-anak yatim Darussalam di sana.sepanjang keberadaan kami di sana, kami telah dilayan dengan sangat baik oleh Umi dan Ustaz (pengasas kepada rumah anak-anak yatim Darussalam) serta warga yang lain di sana.Sebelum berangkat pulang pada hari terakhir di rumah anak yatim DarussalamJAkhir kata, keluarga Love Symphony ingin mengucapkan berbanyak-banyak terima kasih kepada semua pihak – Umi dan Ustaz serta semua anak-anak yatim, pihak yang menyumbangkan sedikit-sebanyak dana, sponsor-sponsor, warga KMB, guru-guru, serta rakan-rakan dll – atas semua sumbangan, sokongan dan kerjasama yang padu sepanjang menjayakan lawatan kali ini. J Insya-Allah, lawatan kali kadua akan menyusul dalam waktu terdekat ini dengan pelbagai lagi aktiviti serta pengisian yang lebih baik. Sekian.

~sedikit gambar sepanjang 3 hari kami disana...
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Monday, March 8, 2010

Rumah Anak-Anak Yatim Darussalam Tambun ; Sekilas Sejarah.

Asrama Anak-Anak Yatim Darussalam bermula dengan penubuhan Maahad Darussalam yang diasaskan pada tahun 2001 sebagai sekolah agama rakyat(persendirian) di atas sebidang tanah yang diwakafkan iaitu seluas 1 ekar 17 pol. Tanah ini diwakafkan bersama dengan sebuah bangunan kayu dua tingkat dengan keluasan 120 kaki panjang dan 20 kaki lebar yang kemudiannya telah diubahsuai menjadi bilik-bilik darjah, bilik guru, pejabat, asrama dan bilik penginapan pengetua.
Pada peringkat awalnya, maahad ini mempunyai 31 orang pelajar peringkat rendah dan 11 orang pelajar peringkat menengah, yang sebahagian besarnya adalah anak-anak  di sekitar Ipoh. Tenaga pengajar pula ialah seramai 6 orang untuk peringkat rendah /menengah sesi pagi, dan 2 orang guru sukarela yang datang mengajar sebelah petang khas untuk peringkat menengah. Pada tahun 2004, maahad ini terpaksa menghentikan peringkat menengah kerana faktor kewangan dan mengekalkan peringkat rendah hingga kini.
Pada penghujung 2007, hasil ziarah ke sebuah asrama anak-anak yatim di Sungai Siput dan beberapa siri perbincangan berkaitan masalah pembelajaran sebahagian anak-anak yatim di asrama tersebut, satu persetujuan telah dicapai di mana seramai 11 orang anak-anak yatim telah dihantar belajar di maahad ini pada bulan Februari 2008.
Dengan perkembangan ini, dan dengan jumlah anak-anak yatim yang meningkat menjadi 25 orang setakat ini, maahad ini kini ke arah menjadi Sekolah Berasrama Penuh Anak-Anak Yatim. Oleh kerana ruang asrama yang terhad, pihak pentadbiran memutuskan untuk menghadkan pengambilan 40 orang anak-anak yatim sahaja dalam satu masa, sehingga prasarana yang kondusif dapat disediakan.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Update V 2.0


Terlebih dahulu sukacita ingin saya maklumkan bahawa beberapa perubahan minimal telah dilakukan keatas laman ini, dengan matlamat untuk menjadikan laman ini lebih mesra pengguna dan data-data yang diletakkan didalamnya adalah bersesuaian dan seiring dengan perubahan semasa. Pihak admin memohon ampun atas kesilapan susunan nama dan jawatan yang terdahulu.

AJK Unit ICT Love Symphony 2010

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Laman Web Rumah Anak-Anak Yatim Darussalam Tambun

Salam Sejahtera!

Kepada para pengunjung sekalian, kami dengan sukacitanya ingin memaklumkan bahawa kepada anda yang berminat untuk mengetahui lebih lanjut tentang projek yang kami lakukan dan salah satu lokasi projek kami, and boleh layari ke Laman Web Rumah Anak Yatim Darul Salam dan dapatkan lebih banyak info disana! Semoga berjaya.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Sejarah Love Symphony KMB

Bismillah pembuka bicara..

Mungkin pada mereka yang berada diluar sana, pasti keliru dengan apa sebenarnya Love Symphony ini? Apa matlamat mereka dan adakah mereka juga sama dengan projek kemanusiaan lain yang turut dijalankan oleh Cambodian Project ataupun Projek Sehati Serumpun? Berbezakah mereka semua ataupun mereka berada dibawah satu misi yang sama?

Menjawab kepada soalan itu, sebenarnya Love Symphony adalah suatu projek kemanusiaan (humanitarian project) bagi membantu kelompok-kelompok anak yatim yang meminta ihsan dan kasih sayang dari kalangan masyarakat diluar sana. Dianggotai sekelompok warga KMB yang menyedari suara-suara yang merintih memohon ihsan ini, suatu mekanisma telah dibentuk dan jawatankuasa mula disusun bagi memulakan projek kemanusiaan ini dengan menyasarkan Rumah Anak-Anak Yatim Darus Salam Tambun sebagai sasaran projek, maka pada sesi 2007, lahirlah Love Symphony yang dianggotai oleh kalangan pelajar IB Kolej MARA Banting sesi 2007/2009 dan menjadi pelopor kepada projek ini.

Pelbagai perkara telah dijalankan bersama dan mereka berjaya melaksanakan beberapa perancangan menjadi sutu realiti, bagi membantu golongan yang memerlukan mereka. Antara beberapa projek yang mereka berjaya laksanakan ialah, menjalankan fund raising mengumpul dana dan membina sebuah dewan bagi kegunaan anak-anak yatim di Rumah Darus Salam Tambun. Zaman bersilih ganti, dan akhirnya tibalah masa untuk batch 2007/2009 untuk berundur bagi meneruskan misi kecemerlangan akademik mereka di luar negara, dan misi murni mereka telah disambung oleh generasi seterusnya, iaitu batch 2009/2011 yang bertanggungjawab terhadap perjalanan projek ini sekarang.

Menyedari bahawa ianya adalah suatu projek Mega yang memerlukan perancangan rapi untuk matlamat jangka panjang, batch ini telah mula merangka draf dan menyusun strategi untuk membantu anak-anak yatim ini sejak dari mula lagi dan seawal Semester 1 lagi mereka telah memulaka beberapa gerakan mengumpul dana begi membiayai projek mereka. Setelah menjalankan beberapa projek pengumpulan dana seperti jualan coklat, memohon tajaan dari syarikat-syarikat utama seperti PETRONAS, NESTLE (M) BHD, YAYASAN ALBUKHARY, MSC dan KANSAI PAINT,maka mereka berjaya mengumpul dana bagi memulakan projek ziarah mereka yang pertama ke Rumah Anak-Anak Yatim Darussalam Tambun, yang pertama buat mereka pada 12 Februari 2010.

Kini, dalam mereka meneruskan agenda mereka, mereka lebih proaktif dalam merealisasikan impian mereka dan perubahan terus dijana demi memberikan yang terbaik buat anak-anak yaitm yang perlukan kasih sayang kita ini.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Salam sejahtera! Pelancaran blog bagi Projek Love Symphony KMB 2010

Bismillah pembuka bicara...

Alhamdulillah, setelah melalui beberapa proses perbincangan dan diskusi bersama keluarga Love Symphony, kami akhirnya sepakat untuk menghasilkan sebuah blog,bertujuan bagi menyampaikan segala bentuk perkembangan dan kerja yang telah dilakukan oleh keluarga Love Symphony. Dengan berkat idea dari rakan-rakan dan sokongan dari mantan Presiden, saudara Khai dan Puan Rokiah sendiri, saya telah menyiapkan sebuah blog yang bakal dimuatkan segala bahan dan media yang berkaitan dengan perkembangan Love Symphony.

Pada peringkat awal,mungkin banyak kelemahan dan kekeurangan bakal dikesan oleh para pelawat pada blog ini, terutamanya pada rekabentuk dan kemudahan yang diwujudkan didalam blog ini. Dari pihak Logistik, kami akan sentiasa berusaha untuk menaiktaraf dan memaksimumkan accessibility kepada para pengunjung dan semoga dengan itu, lebih mudah untuk segala capaian dilakukan ke blog ini.

Sekian,jumpa lagi!