Monday, August 15, 2011

Laman ini sudah ditutup.

Dukacita dimaklumkan bahawa laman ini tidak lagi digunakan sebagai bahan rujukan atau update dari Love Symphony Project dari Kolej MARA anting. Kami telah berpindah ke laman baru,dan jika anda ingin terus bersama kami,layari laman kami yang terbaru di sini.

Friday, November 12, 2010

The new LS agents meeting with Mrs Rokiah Daroo

Assalamualaikum wbt and a very pleasant greetings to all.. Hope you are in the pink of health.
Having concurse selected as our venue, we started the meeting at 8.30pm with the arrival of our dearest Mrs Rokiah and three L'symphnians seni0rs - FAIZ, KAK SYAFIQAH AND KAK CIK. The very first agenda was the sharing of experiences of the L'symphnians who went to Tambun. They say that the trip really make them realize that they really should be part of this club. Experience is the best teacher. All of us hope that our next trip f0r humanitarian pr0ject will leave the same p0sitive effects in our souls.

The happiness of the bona fide's hearts ~

We discussed about our next project! (^^) According to mrs Rokiah, we receive an invitation to give motivational talk to UPSR candidates and mentor-mentee programme somewhere in Tanjung Karang. The project will be conducted on the month of JANUARY!
(O.0) So, what the Year 1 L'Symphonianz have to do? Just wrote a brief bi0data consisting of YOUR NAME AND SPM RESULTS!! Then, submit this to Faiq~ Our dearest president ASAP! (^^)
There are also another two interesting project offered to our club which are :
1. Tuition for the orphans in Sg Manggis (hope our useful brains works for them) :)
2. New facilities establishment - we need to lend a hand in this. (^^)
After that, Faiz (The dedicated ex-president of L'symphony)take over. A not-very-brief (^^) - no offence, discussion regarding the things we can conduct to raise fund of the upcoming humanitarian projects and Q and A session with the seniors present regarding LS. Applause for their commitment. Faiz told us that he also have predicaments on how to keep the ball rolling but with teamwork and dedication, satisfying result can be achieved.When the previous LS face hard up (short of money), they :
*Sell nasi goreng Mrs Rokiah ( pretty welcoming food fr KMBians. )
*Yong taw foo ( the really really "HOT" stuff)
*Selling of ch0colates and soap that can prevent sleepy feelings.etc.

btw, have fun spending holiday with the mountain of educational reading materials! (^^) wslm~

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Thrid visit..:)

Assalamualaikum and greetings to everyone! As what we have planned before, we the Symphonianz will have our third visit to Tambun on this coming Deepavali holiday, and sadly that this is our last visit to Tambun in our programme (IB) but we strongly believed that this will not be our last visit, as this is continuous project that still on, even though we've pursue our study to oversea. The aim of this visit is to spend and celebrate our beloved brothers and sisters (the orphan kids) there and take them to the place of interest around Ipoh,Perak. This visit will about 4 days, starting form Thursday (4th Nov) to Sunday (7th Nov) and the suggested place of interest to be visited in this tri,together with the kids is Lost World of Tambun, Taman Dr, etc. Hopefully that the plan will be going smoothly and blessed by God...^^

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

New Org. Chart For L'Symphonianz '10/'12

This is the new organizational chart that will lead Love Symphony for the next season, Season 3.


Mr. Mohd Faiq Bin Hassin
M10R / B204

Vice President:
Mrs. Farah Syazwani Bt Mat Noh
M10H / F112

Secretary I:
Mrs. Nurul Iman Bt Mohd Nor
M10* / F114

Secretary II:
Mr. Wan Ahmad Afiq Bin Zaulkafli
M10H / A203

Mrs. Amir Faisal Bin Mohmad Sallihhudin
M10H / A207

Vice Treasurer:
Mrs. Nadia Bt Ali
M10H / E226

Head of Logistic Bureau:
Mr. Mohd Arif Bin Abd Rahim
M10E / A230
Head of Planning Unit:
Mr. Mohamad Hafiz Tarmizi Bin Musa
M10T / B123

Head of Economic & Sponsorship Planning:
Mr. Abdul Amar Bin Abdul Malik
M10R / B202
Head of Multimedia Unit:
Mrs. Farah Nadia Bt Zikhtar
M10R / D***

The process of choosing the new organisation to lead the new session of Love Symphony, was run at 9.47 p.m on 28th of September 2010. The event was lead by previous President, Muhammad Faiz bin Abd Kadir @ Kahdi, and the election was made with democracy basis. However, not all of the members were here since most of members were having Raya Celebration at Block A.

Thursday, July 1, 2010


Assalamu'alaikum w.b.t to all symphonianz...
There's a latest news regarding our club. We'll have our CAS celebration (appreciation to all symphonianz on our efforts throughout the establishment of our club^^), our advisor, Pn. Rokiah Daroo has arranged a trip to Korea. InsyaAllah, we'll go to Jeju Island for our home-stay and visit some other places in Korea. Who would like to join the trip (hoping that all symphonianz can join^^), we've to pay around RM3300 per person (including flight) and we'll stay for 8 days. Any conformation can be done after this and any question regarding the trip can refer to Aznida (Vice President) or to Faiz Kadir (President).
*Regarding the cost, we can do something to raise funds for our club and further suggestions can be discuss in next meeting after this.
Thank you.. ^^

~Financial Committee~

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

L'Symphonianz F1 Corporate Shirt-Ready-to-be-wear!

Assalamualaikum to all symphonianz..there is a few reminders for you we have already booked a corporate shirt that we had specially designed for ourselves, it is announced here that, the shirts are ready to be 'upload' soon, in (19th June,perhaps) and before you are allowed to take your own shirt with your own sizes and names, you had to pay RM 70 for boys and RM 78 for girls, right after the semester break is over, and we are begging you, to settle down your payment as soon as possible, to prevent further financial problem to our committee.That's all! ^^

From me,with love,

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Meeting on 4th May 2010


A meeting was conducted to discussed for our next big agenda which is the Charity Dinner. The person in charge for the Charity Dinner is Muhammad Khaidir Bin Mohd Shafiee. He had assigned a few bureau to make the event move swiftly as planned. The bureaus are Food Bureau in charge by Fiza Asiqin, Protocol and Multimedia Bureau in charge by Muhammad Firdaus, Planning Bureau in charge by Shukriyah Razak, Finance Bureau in charge by Mohd. Najid, Logistic Bureau in charge by Mohd. Hafeez, Promotion Bureau in charge by Shukriyah and Fiza Asiqin and last but definitely not least Secretary in charge by Nur Najihah. Lots of things had been discussed to ensure the flow of our event will go smoothly. One of the things that were discussed during the meeting was VIP guess that we would like to invite, the catering, the theme for that night, the performances and so on. We are putting our best foot forward to make this Charity Dinner a success. Everybody give their best effort in giving ideas and planning for this big event.

In the meantime, the other members of Love Symphony are having another meeting for our next visit and our second big event which is Paintball Tournament. The person in charge for the Paintball Tournament is Muhamad Arif Bin Ahmad Fuad. Our main target for the Paintball Tournament are private school students and boarding school students. It is still in progress as the tournament will be held in June. For our next visit, we are planning to do it during our sem break. Our main objective is painting. We're planning to help the residents at Darussalam to paint their home. Making it more attractive and homey.

We'll be posting our next progress of our activities. Thanks for reading and stay tuned..^^