Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Meeting on 4th May 2010


A meeting was conducted to discussed for our next big agenda which is the Charity Dinner. The person in charge for the Charity Dinner is Muhammad Khaidir Bin Mohd Shafiee. He had assigned a few bureau to make the event move swiftly as planned. The bureaus are Food Bureau in charge by Fiza Asiqin, Protocol and Multimedia Bureau in charge by Muhammad Firdaus, Planning Bureau in charge by Shukriyah Razak, Finance Bureau in charge by Mohd. Najid, Logistic Bureau in charge by Mohd. Hafeez, Promotion Bureau in charge by Shukriyah and Fiza Asiqin and last but definitely not least Secretary in charge by Nur Najihah. Lots of things had been discussed to ensure the flow of our event will go smoothly. One of the things that were discussed during the meeting was VIP guess that we would like to invite, the catering, the theme for that night, the performances and so on. We are putting our best foot forward to make this Charity Dinner a success. Everybody give their best effort in giving ideas and planning for this big event.

In the meantime, the other members of Love Symphony are having another meeting for our next visit and our second big event which is Paintball Tournament. The person in charge for the Paintball Tournament is Muhamad Arif Bin Ahmad Fuad. Our main target for the Paintball Tournament are private school students and boarding school students. It is still in progress as the tournament will be held in June. For our next visit, we are planning to do it during our sem break. Our main objective is painting. We're planning to help the residents at Darussalam to paint their home. Making it more attractive and homey.

We'll be posting our next progress of our activities. Thanks for reading and stay tuned..^^