Friday, November 12, 2010

The new LS agents meeting with Mrs Rokiah Daroo

Assalamualaikum wbt and a very pleasant greetings to all.. Hope you are in the pink of health.
Having concurse selected as our venue, we started the meeting at 8.30pm with the arrival of our dearest Mrs Rokiah and three L'symphnians seni0rs - FAIZ, KAK SYAFIQAH AND KAK CIK. The very first agenda was the sharing of experiences of the L'symphnians who went to Tambun. They say that the trip really make them realize that they really should be part of this club. Experience is the best teacher. All of us hope that our next trip f0r humanitarian pr0ject will leave the same p0sitive effects in our souls.

The happiness of the bona fide's hearts ~

We discussed about our next project! (^^) According to mrs Rokiah, we receive an invitation to give motivational talk to UPSR candidates and mentor-mentee programme somewhere in Tanjung Karang. The project will be conducted on the month of JANUARY!
(O.0) So, what the Year 1 L'Symphonianz have to do? Just wrote a brief bi0data consisting of YOUR NAME AND SPM RESULTS!! Then, submit this to Faiq~ Our dearest president ASAP! (^^)
There are also another two interesting project offered to our club which are :
1. Tuition for the orphans in Sg Manggis (hope our useful brains works for them) :)
2. New facilities establishment - we need to lend a hand in this. (^^)
After that, Faiz (The dedicated ex-president of L'symphony)take over. A not-very-brief (^^) - no offence, discussion regarding the things we can conduct to raise fund of the upcoming humanitarian projects and Q and A session with the seniors present regarding LS. Applause for their commitment. Faiz told us that he also have predicaments on how to keep the ball rolling but with teamwork and dedication, satisfying result can be achieved.When the previous LS face hard up (short of money), they :
*Sell nasi goreng Mrs Rokiah ( pretty welcoming food fr KMBians. )
*Yong taw foo ( the really really "HOT" stuff)
*Selling of ch0colates and soap that can prevent sleepy feelings.etc.

btw, have fun spending holiday with the mountain of educational reading materials! (^^) wslm~